2 solid runs in a row

Yesterday was 6.5 in Prospect Park, 2 laps, somehow the hill doesnt seem so daunting anymore. not that is was ever a big hill, just a surprise the first time it comes up on you. all told 6.5 miles in 56:25 an 8:41 pace. Swift.

Now after a few good races and some extra laps. I looking forward to next year’s 5K Speed Series of races. I think we have just one more race in Prospect Park this year, the Jingle Bell Jog in December. My Partner and I start and Finish together. yes we have pictures!

Today was a Tempo run, nothing long just a 2 mile warm up, 3 Tempo and what ended up being 1.2 cool down. and a nice stretch at the end. 6.2 miles in 53:11, with the tempo miles at 8:26, 8:12 & 8:01.

Prior to this year, 53:11 would have been the 2nd fastest time i had ever run for a 10k, now, well, its a training run :-)